BUILT Cluster participants come from all facets of the clean technology sector.

Diverse participation allows the BUILT Cluster to drive impact in the generation and growth of sustainable built infrastructure technologies and practices.

Participant Benefits

Interested in BUILT Cluster participation? Refer to the Cluster Participation Benefits Matrix below for more information:

BUILT Cluster Programs

Examples include:

  • Fusion Week, consisting of educational presentations and panel discussions on the industry
  • Fusion site tours with participating fusion energy companies
  • Lunch Series events focused on BUILT Cluster topics
  • C-Suite Panels featuring clean technology executives
  • Networking & engagement with international cleantech innovation cluster groups
  • Special access to webinars on economic development opportunities and topics

Special Access

BUILT Cluster participants gain special access to:

  • Working groups* consisting of peers in your industry
  • Joint demonstration projects via one (or more) of the working groups
  • Staff time for organizing and coordinating working groups and projects
  • Staff time to evaluate grant funding opportunities
  • Staff time for fostering better relationships with the regional Centers of Excellence and Career Connect Washington
  • Marketing and outreach opportunities to a broad cleantech ecosystem
  • A voice in the K-16 education system and community colleges via our workforce development staff

* Active working groups include Fusion Energy, Thermal Energy, and Talent & Training. Future working groups include Net-Zero Materials. *


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